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The Night of the Living eccentrics

On January 23rd at Beacon House.

Another memorable event was successfully presented.

The Maestro: Paul Gogo

The guests: all of Protection Island

One of the goals: collect some money for Stone Soup

If I was at ease with words, I could report how fantastic was that event...... I just hope someone takes the pen (or his/her computer) and write a proper account of this evening, I would gladly include it with the photos I post today!

Beautiful Poster posted on Line before the event

Paul had us fly in the impossible world of the future with strange words and even stranger music performed by the "PI Synth-ony Orchestra", some of his dedicated students.......

Here is a list of the music with links to the files. Paul will keep the files active for some time

Bass Master

Cosmic Jupiter


Oval synth sonata

Psychedelic Rain

Super Looper

The Civilization Machine

The Metallic Cloud Upon the Earth

The Transmogrification of the Universal Cosmic Understanding

Walk in the Rain

Then came a long list of participants

Each of them coming with their own story

And the music, yes the music! Wish there could be a short video here!

Of course the assistance was of great help!

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