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Plant Sale

I wonder if this event need any introduction....... Not for the Islanders of course but for visitors on this Blog. As it appeared on the front page of this Web Site it is a fundraising event for D.I.G.S.

On the AGCA (American Community Garden Association it is said: "DIGS (Douglas Island Garden Society*) community garden is located on a little island in Nanaimo's (B.C., Canada) harbour. There 250-300 residents on the island and 87 of them are members of DIGS. Our garden has 10 communal beds which are maintained by volunteers and the produce from these beds are shared with island residents. There are also11 allotment beds leased annually by individuals. Our garden is located on city parkland and the city (Nanaimo) was very generous in assisting with initial costs to build the beds and fence. Because there are no stores on the island residents appreciate the produce from the garden which is put out on the harvest table as it is harvested along with a donation box. Our garden also acts as a community gathering location. Islanders can come with friends and family and sit in the garden and enjoy the surroundings. 2 gazebos, 2 sheds, 1 greenhouse bathroom, electricity, an outdoor sink"

* Note from Jim MacQuarrie: Protection Island has a history of coal mining, with an active mine on the island from the late 1800s until 1938. Formerly known as Douglas Island, after James Douglas the first Governor of Vancouver Island and British Columbia, it was renamed Protection Island in 1960.

And he adds: " I have no idea why the gardening society kept the old name, except perhaps that PIGS wasn't as good an acronym … "


Oh yes before the plants it is the bake sale that takes place, so very important! Donations are sorted, priced and presented.

Click on the right of the photo to see the other ones (mini slide show)

Starting at 9:00 the hungry crowd shows up or should I say the caffeine freaks comes very first.......

And the buyers/eaters


On the playground the preparation is going on, has been since the day before, but there is always something to do.

Click on the right of the photo to see the other ones (mini slide show)

Everybody was sooooooo busy!

If someone pretends there is never real trafic on the Island, think again!

And then it starts!

Click on the right of the photo to see the other ones (mini slide show)

It was a great day and I am so proud to be part of this beautiful and dynamic community.

If ever you want a copy of your photo please do not be shy and ask me, I will send you a quality file by Email which can be printed.

François :

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