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Garden Tour

Another great event on our Island! I am very proud to present a few photos I took on that beautiful day. As for the texts it's coming from the team who organized the Tour.


SUNDAY, JUNE 9, 2019

Welcome to our 24th annual tour. It is a pleasure to offer this wonderful event for islanders, their guests and families, and others from “across-the-way”. Gardens this year are open for your viewing pleasure ‘all around the island’, so be prepared to hike, or please flag down a volunteer driver of our golf cart fleet and tour in a leisurely way. Please no dogs in gardens or at the barbecue.

Sustainable gardening has always been a challenge, but is becoming even more crucial these days. What with the exceptionally dry months of March and May, and much less rainfall overall, the island native trees, shrubs, and plants are suffering, and our gardens as well. This drought situation looks to be a permanent trend. Our planting and cultivating methods will need to change, and the home gardener must adjust practices and choices to mitigate water shortages, increased cost and loss of valuable plants.

Book reading by Jane Teskey from her soon-to-be-published book, a memoir of PI gardening. At the Museum, 1:00 pm.

TPICH supports the arts on PI. Art Studio, Studio 33, has mounted a show today, 10 am to 3 pm with the theme, of course, gardens! 33 Captain Kidds Terrace.

Our deep appreciation to the gardeners on this year’s tour. Their support, and yours by attending, are what makes this community event so successful year after year. The PI Cultural Historical Society thanks you all. The funds raised today help keep The Museum and Archives thriving."


"3 Pirates Lane. After over twenty years of being welcomed into the garden of Irene Duncan and Jim Pearce, and writing about it, we still can’t quite describe the whole picture in a few well-chosen words! And relay the visual treat to the reader without being too effusive. But effusive we must be! A garden which has it all – sculpture and decoration, great design and structure, marvellous choice of plants, water features, and so many interesting pots with an envious collection of succulents, and who can name all the other plants – and marvellous Garry oak trees. Irene is a talented gardener, and generous to boot (many of her plants are in many a PI garden). Really, almost too much to praise or at least write about – check out the special features of their house and deck. So just wander and enjoy and appreciate. Irene is away, let’s see how many plants you can identify without her help."


"106 Pirates Lane. June in Heather Cooling’s garden is a sensual experience – fragrance from roses, carnations, honeysuckle; texture, colour and form from flowering shrubs and perennials; and places to relax and enjoy the peace and savour the beauty. The view from the waterside deck is not too bad either! This is a garden designed for year-round interest, form and colour (in spring you can check out thousands of crocus). Heather can’t resist a plant nursery or the DIGS plant sale. She praises her gardeners, Brenda Johnston and Jane Teskey, who working together, have helped create and maintain a healthy and lovely garden, enjoyed so much by its owners."


"108 Pirates Lane. “A garden for birds, butterflies and bees”, replied Christine Firth, when asked to describe her seaside property. Since 2010, she has planned and planted several distinct areas: the roadside with meadow wildflowers taking hold and large ornamental shrubs providing spring colour; and inside the gate below a large deck, three massive terraces (she calls her ramparts) provide colour, form and great texture; and the low-lying meadow with old apple trees, leading to a long swath of roses right along the beach (cuttings brought from Denmark, home of the original builder). Christine is a self-described plant experimenter and admits, an impatient one, who harbours a real passion for growing and caring for the environment. Her gardening talents are increasingly obvious as the garden matures – she enjoys it year round, and considers herself privileged to be living at 108 on PI."


"112 Pirates Lane. You will need time to appreciate all the glories within this large enclosed and fully landscaped property. Bev Jones tells us she is more designer than gardener, while husband Moe is known for his meticulous garden grooming. Together they have created a stunning garden, which could be described as decorated, even curated. The garden art - sculptures, lanterns, benches, pots and other Asian- influenced collectibles, are an essential part of the attraction of this tranquil space. The seaside is more formal with a French-inspired parterre, and symmetrical plantings. Throughout, well-chosen shrubs, lush plants spilling over terrific rock work, magical waterworks, and all those ceramic pots define this landscaped jewel. The best feature according to some, is the stunning red (or maroon or orange- depends on the light) Japanese maple at the end of the path in front of the front door."


"23 Hispanola. In 1994 Alison Watt moved to PI and began designing and planting her garden, working with the native plants on the site, integrating exotic (mostly shade loving) perennials, shrubs and trees, many with winter interest. The result is a very tranquil and natural garden full of choice plantings. Her painting studio is a garden feature in itself. She has prepared a detailed handout to help you tour the garden rooms or areas, complete with a planting list of each area. Thanks for this, Alison – she can’t be present today but her written information will help identify just about everything that makes this garden so special."


"75 Captain Morgans Blvd. A new garden to tour, planned and planted by Jessie Zhang, along with husband, Doug Naylor. After eight years on PI, Jessie must still be one of the most enthusiastic gardeners around – gaining skills and knowledge as she digs and plants, happy with successes and learning from failures, with the energy of many. The roadside is planted for year-round interest, changing seasonally, and enjoyed by all who walk by. She’ll provide a full tour: new beds and borders, note some very choice perennials, shrubs and trees, describe her fine propagating skills; and you’ll check out the greenhouse and plans for future plantings. Note the variety of newly planted fruit trees – can’t wait to see their growth and future production! A garden to watch in the years to come."


"147 Captain Morgans. We’ve written reams of praise for over twenty years for the garden of Suzanne and Mike Lamoureux. Praise for the hardscaping: the fences, gates, pond and stream, outdoor bathtub, stone features, patios, paths, raised vegetable beds and greenhouse - all absolutely noteworthy. But let’s not forget the ‘living’ features – distinct garden rooms, lavender circle, pond and stream plantings, enclosed rhododendron area, and swathes of perennials, shrubs and trees – a wonderful garden designed and planted by Suzanne. Three lots of unique beauty – with texture, form, colour, and life! Sit and relax in this garden, and breathe deeply. Thanks again Suzanne and Mike."


"The Community Garden, aka the Garden in the Park. A community accomplishment by the Douglas Island Garden Society, a joy to behold, a learning center for all ages, a producer of good things, a year-round praise-worthy garden center. With 11 communal beds and 10 allotment garden beds, which are leased for private use, one can only marvel at the hours of labour given to cultivating, maintaining and growing vegetables, fruit, and flowers. A hurrah for all the volunteers who turn out every week almost year-round. Today, a few Little Diggers, along with DIGS director and gardener extraordinaire, Jim Harris, will lead you on tours. Don’t miss this island feature if you are new to PI or a visitor. The bathroom is open!"

Note: Too much to do within the time frame....... So sorry if this time there are no photos from the Garden. I promise I will present a special Blog on the Community Garden this summer.


Special guest at the Museum, Gallows Point: Jane Teskey

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