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2022 Pancake Breakfast

The crazy pandemic time is almost behind us so activities are coming back on the Island. For the first time I could participate in a very dynamic event at Beacon House in the last 2 years. I am doing as other do, I am coming out of my cocoon and mix with my neighbours.

It has been so frustratingly long..... Yes I stopped most of my "people taking photo" activities but I missed that so much. With the summer finally with us and smiles on everyone's face I used my camera as a crazy photo fan. The result is here and if some of the shots are great it is far from my responsibility/ability, it is simply that everyone there enjoyed it so much.

This was a public event so I make my photos available to all. I will gladly send people's photo in a larger format for the person to print it at his/her leisure. To do that please identify yourself so I make sure I only send the proper photos only to the person on that shot (or the members of their family). The requests should be sent to

On the other end, if you want me to retrieve your personal photo from the post, ask for it please.

The Pancake Breakfast event has been organized by the Lions Club here on Protection Island. It is the result of a good volunteer preparation with the objective to generate some funds for our community. I would like to thank all of the team members but the list is quite long so let us be simple...... Thank you all for the nice work. The result was fantastic and the best proof is the many pictures I included in this Blog.


Behind the Scene Preparation......


And Here we go

Should I pretend everybody was happy but serious? I lied a little!

All of us behaved of course! Here are some group/family photos

Apologies!!!!! I was going to forget the most important volunteers....

FACE PAINTING. That was a hit!

And, at random, a few more photos

The Pancake Breakfast is organized to coincide with the Bathtub Race

Also, the Museum is having a draw for a magnificent Quilt. We have until December to buy tickets!


Reminder: please contact me, François, for the photos:

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