Some of the finest professional musicians in Nanaimo, under the guidance of Grammy nominee Andrew Homzy bring the big band sound to Nanaimo and the surrounding area

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Brian Whitty 

 I've had my hands wrapped around this bass for quite a few years. I play guitar as well. My recent gigs are with a group I created called Blue Dog Ramble. I've also played with Lazy Mike and the Rockin' Recliners, Mark Crissinger,  the Nola Nighthawks and the Hooligans, . That's since we moved here.

In Toronto, I played with the Cry, Bleeker Street, Robin Harp, Loose Wires and a host of others. There might be a bar in Toronto that haven't played but I doubt it.
 (416) 712-2962


Rick Scott

Singer, songwriter, raconteur and Canada’s foremost proponent of Appalachian mountain dulcimer. 

Knacker's Yard

 Available for private events on Protection Island

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