Recycling pickup and grocery delivery

Recycling, household garbage removal and Thrifty’s run is operated every second Wednesday by Will’s barge (PI Supply).  Recycle dates and info are posted on all PI notice boards.  For scheduling or special requests, email  Will & Jase. Note email for billing: 

Will & Tyson    PI Supply phone   250-751-4877.

The barge picks up groceries from THRIFTYS Port Place on Recycle Wednesdays. Shop and pay in person at Thrifty's on Tuesday, tell cashier it’s for PI. Your order will be kept in cooler until barge picks up and delivers on Wednesday.  $3 per bin, delivery time will vary.

 GARBAGE: Please MARK YOUR GARBAGE to distinguish it from recycling. Or put your recycling in clear bags and light household garbage in black bags (labelled ‘garbage’).

PAYMENT: Attach money to bag: $5 per bag; $10 per TV or computer element; $15 per hot water heater; $30 per appliance (+$15 fee for freezer, fridge or anything with freon). Any drop fees for garbage items may be billed later. 

RECYCLING must be sorted into categories: Paper and newspaper together; corrugated cardboard separate; plastic containers, clamshells, milk jug, milk and juice containers and tin cans, ALL TOGETHER (no longer separate); soft plastic (grocery bags) separate; Foam such as egg cartons, food trays DIVIDED into pure white and coloured/inked; and non-refundable glass.  

NOTE: Soup and broth boxes, coffee bags, pet food bags and litter bags are not recyclable. 

Bottles, beer and pop cans, wine boxes and other refundable items should be dropped to Lions Club drop off points.

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