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For all island and marine emergencies, please call 911

You will be asked whether you require Police, Fire Department or Ambulance service. All 911 calls go to an operator who is NOT in Nanaimo

It is essential to identify your location as:

Protection Island in the harbour of Nanaimo and give your street address,

which must also be clearly visible on your property to ensure

you can be located quickly.

Our fire department will respond to all medical emergency calls.

Firefighters are trained in first response first aid and will

stay with you until paramedics arrive.

Non-emergency numbers:

Ambulance: 250-758-8181

Fire: 250-753-7311

Police: 250-754-2345

BC Nurse Line: 811

Nanaimo Port Authority: 250-753-4146

Marine Emergency: 250-755-3787

Earthquake, Flood, Dangerous Spills, Tsunami: 1-800-663-3456

Forest Fire Reporting Only: 1-800-630-5555

BC Hydro Power Outages: 1-800-769-3766

Protection Island Ferry - (Operations Manager) 604-414-4158

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