Island Life

Life here on the island is very different from most places in Canada, and we like it that way.

Here's what you should expect when you come to visit.


Denise's List

- The ferry will be crowded in the summer, but not so much in the winter

- Cats and dogs will lie in the middle of the road in the summer. As will snakes, so watch for them

- Dogs should be leashed when walking them

- Kids will run amuck... and that is a good thing ... exploring parks and beaches

- Frogs will chirp - loudly - in the spring from every water hole

- Bikes are de rigueur as an island transportation method, then golf carts, which need to be licensed

- The deliberately unpaved roads will develop potholes in the winter, but are groomed a few times per year by the city

- The bikes, wheelbarrows, and golf carts in the turnaround area are owned by islanders and not for public use

- The Pub is open in the summer and the winter (with reduced hours)

- There are no stores on the island, but if you run out of milk or eggs, that is what neighbours are for

- There is no taxi service on the island, but most people who own vehicles will offer rides

- We are part of the City of Nanaimo, pay city taxes and get building permits from the city too

- There is no garbage collection on the island – you haul it over, you haul it back

- There is however a recycling service – picked up from your boulevard – every two weeks

- The Protection Island Lions Club collects bottles at various drop-off points around the island

- There are private barge services to and from the island

- We can burn garden waste on Friday and Saturdays in April and November and a free verbal permit is required from the Nanaimo Fire Department

- There is a museum at the south end of the island and an archive run by the Protection Island Cultural and Historical Society

- There is the Protection Island Neighbourhood Association (formerly known as the Protection Island Ratepayers Association), which you are encouraged to join

- The island has a bathtub racing team – Spirit and Intent

- The Community Garden is a place to cultivate plants and friendships

- There are multiple bulletin boards around the island, where the usual stuff gets posted: stuff for sale, events, services offered, etc.

- The fire protection service is run by volunteers, but they are well trained and well equipped. They meet every Tuesday night at the Fire Station, and you can join them too

- Mud Bay has a community dock, always in need of volunteers to help with maintenance, even if you don't use it

- We are a Block Watch community, do your bit

- The water on the island comes from Nanaimo, not from a well - and is delicious

- We have access to high-speed internet, phone service, cable and satellite TV and hydro

- Septic systems need to be pumped about every 3 to 5 years (and filters cleaned at least annually) and can be considered a “step-system” of primary treatment on-site before being pumped out to a line and then over to Nanaimo for secondary treatment (yes it is complicated)

- All beaches are public and there are designated paths to and from the beach, some are marked

- There is drop in volleyball on Sunday afternoons in Pirates Park

- There is an annual ProIsle 360 race around this island – in July – in manual or wind operated small water vehicles (or you can swim)

- There is an annual garden tour – usually in June

- There is an annual Polar Bear swim – on New Year's Day – from the beach at the south end – near the ramp

- There are lots of events at Beacon House - Bathtub race day, New Year's day, games night, photo shows, craft fairs, etc.

- There is the occasional house concert, art show, etc.

- We have talent galore on the island: Musicians, authors, woodworkers, artists, potters, builders, rock climbers, gardeners, etc.

- Mail is delivered daily, except weekends and holidays and you can get a box in one of the banks of mailboxes near your house. Large parcel pick up is in Nanaimo (new location at 140 Terminal Ave)

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