PINA Board of Directors - 2021

Kevin Pistor - President   

Ken Pepperdine - Vice President

Jane Garcia - Secretary             

Veronica Zehntner - Treasurer 

Agnes Provost 

Richard Gafney 

        Gerald Halabura             

The actions of the Board are guided by the following Vision Statement,  developed by the Community
“Our Vision is to continue to be a unique, quiet, friendly, beautiful and safe community, in which residents cooperate to maintain the natural setting, with its beaches, parks, trees, birds and wildflowers. In order to achieve this vision, we will work together to find the most acceptable and respectful ways of dealing with problems and points of difference, (access, moorage, garbage disposal, cars, streetlights, dogs, etc.) while maintaining our informal non-bureaucratic,

easy-going Protection Island style of life.”

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