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There are 360 properties on Protection Island, with about 330 full-time residents.  Our roads are gravel and have a speed limit of 20 kmh. Our roads are City of Nanaimo streets, and all vehicles must be registered and insured. Drivers must carry insurance,

registration and driver's licence.

Ferries from the Dinghy Dock leave the island

every hour on the hour from 7 am to 10 pm 

(subject to seasonal changes) Return from

Nanaimo leaves at ten past the hour.

There are several public parks on the island,

but no public washrooms. We have a small

library, a museum and a community centre at

Gallows Point - the hall can be rented for

private functions. City water, sewers and fire

hydrants every 500 feet (important for house

insurance).  Islanders do not receive or pay for

garbage service. Bins for garbage and

flattened cardboard are located at the

Nanaimo boat basin and are no charge.

There is a recycling pickup service every

second Wednesday. PI Supply will pick up

regular size garbage bags of sorted recycling

and garbage for $5 a bag. There is an

island-wide email group at  

To join: Please contact Barb LeBrasseur at 

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